pizza dough toss

It’s a scene that plays out in every cartoon, TV show, movie, and actual pizzeria. It seems like something that was created for TV, but it does serve an actual purpose. It’s not unusual for a customer to ask us why we toss pizza dough at our Red Bank pizzeria, which is why we wanted to explain why we take that dough and toss it the air. Hint: It isn’t just for show.

The Science Behind Tossing Dough

It can be fun to watch and look cool, but there are a couple of legitimate reasons why dough is thrown in the air. When you order a pizza from our Red Bank restaurant, you want it to have a nice even crust with everything evenly spaced out. That requires the dough to be flat and even. Some pizzerias may just use a roller and their hands, but this can cause holes in the dough from pushing your fingers through it. The act of spinning also ensures that the crust is uniform because centrifugal force helps evenly distribute the dough if tossed properly.


Another major reason pizza dough is normally tossed in the air might be less obvious—it helps retain moisture. This may not seem important, unless you’ve bitten into a brittle, crunchy pizza before. There are presses and dough sheeters that can be used to shape a crust, but they often dry out the dough too much.

Spinning the circle of dough prevents too much moisture from leaving thanks to the right mix of airflow, which dries it out just enough to make it easy to handle. The result is a perfectly crispy crust for your pie. It may take some time and practice to master, but spinning your pizza dough can make a huge difference in the final product.

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