In America, the term pizza is all encompassing to an extent—a triangular slice with cheese, sauce, toppings, and an outer crust. However, as you dig into local customs you realize that there are quite a few variations of this, and one of the most popular in New Jersey and New York is a Sicilian pie. Our Shrewsbury pizza shop makes a fine Sicilian pizza that is worth ordering, but it helps to know what makes it different than your normal slice to appreciate it even more.

The History

We’ve covered how the term “pizza” in Italy has traditionally meant some kind of seasoned bread. Each area, even different regions in Sicily, have their own versions. The one that we’re familiar with here on the East Coast is based on the one created in Palermo in the 19th century, which was called “sfincione” or focaccia. It required thick, airy dough topped with strong cheese, heavy tomato sauce, herbs, and anchovies baked in a rectangular shape. This style survived the trip to America around the turn of the century and remains popular in Sicilian enclaves like NJ/NY, New England, and Michigan (Detroit Style).


What Makes It Different

So that kind of pie is similar to the one we make here, and you can order Sicilian pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant. One of the main differences is that it comes with slightly less cheese than its Old World ancestor. So how is it different than a normal pizza?

  • It’s rectangular in shape instead of being round, which means there are cuts that have no crust in the middle of the pie.
  • A Sicilian pizza is usually at least one inch thick with bready dough that is very porous as opposed to thin and crispy.
  • It features a lot more tomato sauce than a normal pizza and can often overtake the cheese. Often times the sauce goes on top of the cheese to prevent it from soaking into the dough.
  • It’s much more rare to make a Sicilian pizza with lots of toppings on it. It’s usually just sauce, cheese, and herbs.

Those are the main differences between Sicilian and regular pizza. Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza online if you’d like to try one today. You can also give us a call at (732) 578-9000 to place an order.