It’s almost time to close the curtain on 2017 and for many people, that means ringing in the New Year with a big party. If you’re looking to cater your New Year’s Eve party, Mangia Brick Oven Pizza has you covered with a ton of great options, whether you want to keep it simple or provide a massive spread. But we want to share some great ideas we’ve found that can help make your party the one people will be talking about throughout 2018!

Get Your Attendees Involved

Bring Your Own Appetizer

Putting on a big party can be a lot of work, which is why it can be a good idea to get your guests involved in interesting ways. You can have people bring their favorite appetizer to share with everyone. Appetizers are a simple item for people to make and will make them feel more invested in the party. Plus, it allows you to focus on the main courses and desserts.


Have them bring a decoration they made themselves or a print out of their favorite photo from 2017. This is a great way to make people feel like part of the party. Taking the photos and pinning them on a big board will give people something to talk about and have everyone sharing different stories. It will give everyone a way to be a part of the festivities.

When The Clock Strikes Midnight


You have to be prepared for when 2018 hits. A champagne toast is almost always part of any New Year’s Eve party, but you can shake things up by making champagne sangria. It’ll save you money on the cost of champagne, and provide a flavorful and unique drink for everyone to try.

This is also a good time for people to enjoy a little more food. You can keep things simple or you can do something like a “make-your-own” bar. That can be for sandwiches, hot dogs, baked potatoes, or something else. You can also order a few specialty pizzas from Mangia Brick Oven Pizza to give folks a nice midnight snack.

You can always contact us today if you want to cater your holiday party this year.