While it sure took its time getting here, football season is finally back and all the pigskin fans out there can rejoice. That also means every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are opportunities to invite some friends over for some food, fun, and football. So what are the best things to eat while watching the game? Well, you know that we love to do pizza delivery in NJ for football season, but that isn’t the only option out there that we can provide.

Chicken Wings

This is almost a necessity once the game kicks off. Sure, they’re messy and there seems to be new sauce options every year, but there’s something wonderful about chicken wings and football on a Sunday afternoon. Here at Mangia we offer traditional Buffalo sauce, BBQ, and Honey BBQ so that you get some variety. The sticky fingers are worth it—trust us!

chips and dip

Chips & Dip

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, but no one is going to say no to some chips and dip, or salsa for that matter. If you want to make your little get-together a little more special, you can create your own dip or salsa, which isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can always take some avocados, limejuice, and other seasonings to make your own guacamole.

Mozzarella Sticks

Another easy appetizer that is tough to top once the game gets going. The fried outer layer, the gooey cheese center, it’s hard to deny. We take pride in our mozzarella sticks. You can get them with an order of French fries here at Mangia, which pleases everyone. Speaking of fries, our Mangia Fries come loaded with sour cream, bacon, and cheddar—a great option for game day in their own right.



There’s never a bad time to order pizza in NJ, and it’s a great way to fill everyone up when the game is on. We have a variety of different options too if you want to go beyond a plain or pepperoni pizza. Our Grandma Style pizza comes in a few different styles, and the smaller square slices make it easier for a large group of people to enjoy.

Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza if you’re looking to get a good game day spread. You can always place an order by calling (732) 578-9000.