The only thing that our Tinton Falls restaurant thinks is better than having pizza for dinner is having pizza for dessert too! We actually make a Nutella Pie here at Mangia that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth after a nice dinner. There are some great recipes out there for you to try and make at home for your next party. We thought we’d give you a few ideas on how you can get started making your own dessert pizza.

Brownie Pizza

Why not take a classic American dessert and give it a little Italian style? When it comes to dessert pizza, it all starts with a circular baking pan. From there you can go with your favorite brownie mix and bake it to perfection. But then you have to think about what kind of toppings to put on it, like caramel chunks, M&Ms, or marshmallow topping. Then you pop it in the oven and wait for the scent to bring everyone to the kitchen.

Brownie Pizza

Chocolate Cookie Pizza

A chocolate cookie makes a great form of dough if you want a dessert pizza. It’s rich, sweet, and offers up countless pairing options. Things like shaved almonds, raspberries, strawberries, or even, more chocolate can really make it stand out. You also have the option of making this a thin crust or a deep dish depending on how you like your pies.

Nutella Pizza

You can order this dessert pizza at our Tinton Falls restaurant if you want to, but you can also try to make it at home. You can start it with cake batter, cookie dough, or a piecrust, but Nutella should be the star of the show. From there you can try it with fruit toppings or other sweets. But the rich, creaminess of Nutella is hard to deny when it comes to dessert.

Fruit Pizza

There should always be a healthy alternative for dessert, and this one happens to be tasty as well. A light cookie dough base works well, followed by some cream cheese frosting or Cool Whip cream to help the fruit stick in place. From there, it’s all up to you on what kind of toppings you want to mix to make a colorful, refreshing, and delicious dessert.

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