Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes here in America and that has a lot to do with what was available when it made its way to certain areas of the country. The famous Chicago-style deep dish was created due to the fact that most people had pans to cook pizza in instead of big ovens. Others like St. Louis-style incorporate different cheese because that’s what they had on hand.

Our Tinton Falls pizza restaurant wanted to share some of the more popular pizza styles that you can find here at Mangia and around the country.


This is one that most people in New Jersey are familiar with. It’s popular in the Northeast, although some versions like Detroit-style, could be considered a close relative. A Sicilian pie is a square or rectangular shaped pizza that features a thick crust that can be over an inch thick once baked. It’s heavy on sauce and thick melted cheese. We’re not ashamed to admit that we make a fine Sicilian pie right here at Mangia if you want to give it a try.


This style can be considered the more petite, fancy version of Sicilian. It is modeled after the pizza Italian grandmas would make at home without a pizza oven. It’s also square, but has a thinner crust and can feature many different toppings on it. Order Grandma-style pizza in Tinton Falls today and see what you’ve been missing.

New Haven-Style

Just on the other side of New York City, a completely different style of pizza took hold in Connecticut. It’s called Apizza (pronounced “ah-beetz”) and comes with a thin crust that can be either chewy or tender. This style is generally cooked over a coal fire and its trademark is scorched, dark crust that is offset by a sweet tomato sauce. The biggest twist is that mozzarella cheese is considered a topping. A plain pie comes with only tomato sauce and grated Romano cheese.


Tomato Pies

Another version that got its start in and around New Jersey is the simple tomato pie. It’s a square-cut thick pizza that is given a liberal amount of chunky sauce and then topped with Pecorino Romano cheese.

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