If you live for this time of year when it’s all about tricks or treats, and getting dressed up for a night of fun, then we want to help you make your Halloween party scary good. While chocolate and candy get most of the attention for this spooky holiday, there’s no reason you can’t include pizza in your plans for your holiday party with some help from our Shrewsbury restaurant. In fact, you can concoct some scary delicious creations for your party.


Scary Monster Pizza

It’s time to get a little creative with how you apply your toppings. If you’re going for a retro monster theme for your party, you can turn your pizza into your favorite monsters. Use black olives as hair and green olives with pimento as eyeballs. Add in pepperoni fangs and you’ve got a Dracula pie. Use long, thin strips of mozzarella on top and you’ve got a mummy. You can use black olives to form a spider with bacon as legs. The possibilities are endless… and delicious.

Jack-o-lantern Mini Pizza

If you’re looking for an appetizer, then you can bake small pizzas and melt orange cheddar cheese on them. Add black olives to make the face and a slice of green pepper as the stem and you’ve got a jack-o-lantern mini pie.


Witches Fingers

This haunting appetizer is so simple to make, yet so intriguing. You can order a pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant and cut them into thin strips so they look like fingers. Then cut peppers into triangles so they look like finger nails and you’ve got witches fingers.

Ghoulish Graveyard Pie

If you’ve got a flair for decorating, you can create a graveyard scene on a pan pizza. You can stand broccoli upright to look like trees and use crackers as tombstones. Those pimento olives can come back as eyeballs and you can even use cookie-cutters to make cheese ghosts to haunt your pizza! This is a great idea that will surely impress your guests.

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