If you are trying to figure out a unique way to celebrate your kid’s big day, you may want to try a pizza party. While you can just order pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant, you could also do something a little different—you can have them make their own pies.

Now you may just be picturing the supreme mess that would make in your kitchen, but it can be easy to contain if you do a few things. Here are some tips for a successful DIY kids pizza party.

Make The Setting Fun

Here’s where you can get a little creative. There are plates that are pizza shaped for the kiddies’ culinary creations that will look great. You can also get them all little aprons and paper chef hats with their names on them as a little party favor.

Station to Station

The best way to keep things organized is to set up stations where they can build the pizza one part at a time.

Dough: Make sure that you separate the dough into small chunks that can be turned into personal pies for them. Have someone show them how to roll out the dough and spread the sauce on evenly.

Cheese: Don’t be afraid to give the kids a few options here, just make sure this station is set up somewhere that’s easy to clean, like a kitchen counter, as all those little pieces of cheese can make a mess. Allow them to be creative with the cheeses, but just make sure that they don’t go overboard with them!

Toppings: This is where the kids are going to have some real fun. However, they might get a little too creative with their combinations so don’t be afraid to guide them along. Separate the meat toppings from the vegetables and other exotic offerings. Mix things up though so everyone has the ability to create a pie that’s unique to their taste and personality.

Of course, it goes without saying that no child should be going near the hot oven to put the pizzas in. An adult should do that.

The Tasting

You should definitely make this into an event. Start by putting a candle on the birthday boy or girl’s pizza and singing happy birthday. Then, our Shrewsbury pizza place recommends that you have the kids explain why they chose the toppings they did. You can even have each of them give their pie a name to make it a real personal pan pizza.

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