There are those purists who believe you don’t need to mess with perfection when it comes to pizza—dough, mozzarella, and sauce. Maybe add in pepperoni, sausage, or peppers and that’s it. While we appreciate the classic toppings, our Shrewsbury pizza restaurant understands that variety is the spice of life. There are people adding some interesting toppings to pizza these days and that’s something we find refreshing.

Remember, there was probably a time when people thought pepperoni was a new, wild thing to add to a pizza. Here are some unique topping ideas and combinations that can liven up your next slice of heaven.

Order pizza with clams in Shrewsbury

Jersey Clams

We love our clams, whether it’s at a backyard cookout in the summer, in chowder, or on top of a big plate of pasta. So why not add it to pizza? That’s exactly what we did and you can order a pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant that features these Jersey Shore staples. Our clam pie features garlic, olive oil, grated cheese, oregano, and lemon slices so that the flavors come together for a truly flavorful experience.

Sweet Potatoes

This is something that has really become popular over the past decade, and can really bring a nice punch of flavor to your pie. Pizza is often known as a savory treat, but that can change if you add this brightly colored vegetable. It adds real flavor and a splash color to a pizza that can balance out a salty topping like sausage or something spicy like peppers.


Goat Cheese

Mozzarella is the undisputed king of pizza cheese, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option when it comes to making a fresh pie. Many adventurous pizza lovers have given goat cheese a try for its ability to bring a whole new direction to pizza. Its sour, bitter quality can make it a great foil for sweeter ingredients that you wouldn’t normally find on a pizza—like fruit.

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