While we would never come out and share the secrets of our recipes, it is no secret that there is something that makes Italian dishes so enticing. The recipes often seem so simple when you think of pizza and pasta, but there is so much more to the culinary tradition of the “Old Country.” That could be why so many choose our Shrewsbury restaurant for catering parties. Let’s take a look at what makes them so interesting:

Herbs & Spices

There are staples that go into most Italian dishes and chances are you’re familiar with them: parsley, oregano, basil, sage, and rosemary. The reason these spices and herbs come up so much is that many dishes include strong flavors and cured meats. These items help strike a balance of flavor that elevates the entire dish to a new level.

Mangia dining room


It’s common for pairings to be opposite in relationship, like sweet with sour, bitter with sweet, or tart with briny. When you let these flavors marinate by slow cooking, then you get something truly special. This is one reason why people order catering from our Shrewsbury restaurant. They know we take the time to carefully prepare our food, which are all based off of family recipes. When you take the time to do things right, the taste always comes through in the end.

The Key Ingredient

One thing that is important when sitting down to a fresh-cooked Italian meal is that you should be surrounded by the ones you love. Big portions and big conversations are a part of dinner and that’s what you get when you cater your events at Mangia Brick Oven Pizza. Our great selection of appetizers, entrees, and dishes make it simple for you to come together and enjoy a delicious meal.

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