A round pie in a square box. That’s what pizza has been and seemingly always will be—and it’s definitely a question that many folks have pondered over the years. There is no historical reason why when you order pizza in Red Bank, that it comes in a square box, despite it being round in shape. It’s more of a mix of practicality and gravity.

Square and Round

The square box is a matter of practicality. Cardboard starts flat and it is much easier and more affordable to build it into a square carrying container, which is why it isn’t designed in the same shape as the pizza. As for the shape of the pie itself, well that’s slightly different, but there is a reason for it.

One lasting image of pizza being made is the act of stretching the dough, which includes spinning it in the air. This naturally shapes it into a circle as it spins and encounters centrifugal force. But it all works out since having a circular shape makes it easier to cook evenly and then distribute. Slicing a circle into pieces is much easier to divide equally than other shapes. So in the end, it makes sense to make it round at our Red Bank pizza place, but there are exceptions.

Rectangular Options

So you may have read through those first few paragraphs and said, “Hey, I’ve had plenty of pizza that wasn’t circular!” That’s true and it has more to do with the cooking apparatus used. Our popular Grandma-style pizzas come in a rectangular shape for a very good reason. The style was created in Long Island where grandmas were making pizza in their ovens where they had to use baking pans, which are generally square or rectangular. In this instance, the pie had to fit the container and that’s why Grandma-style and Sicilian pizza doesn’t fit the mold.

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