You were always told to not play with your food as a kid, but when it comes to spaghetti, it’s hard not to simply because it can be hard to get a handle on. Pasta like angel hair and Fettuccini can be equally troublesome, which is why it requires special techniques to get the job done when you come in for some delicious Italian food at our Shrewsbury restaurant. There are different schools of thought, but we’re not here to judge, we’re just here to help you eat your spaghetti without wearing it!

pasta with spoon

With A Spoon

While this may not fly at some of the finer restaurants in the city, it’s a good way to help minimize the mess, especially if you’re dining out with the whole family. All you have to do is take a spoon and place it underneath the pasta you’d like to eat. Then take your fork and begin swirling the pasta until it’s wrapped nicely around the fork, while using the spoon as a base. This ensures that no loose strands drop down and make a mess as you’re trying to get it from the plate to your mouth.

With Just a Fork

If you want to look refined when you order Italian food at our Shrewsbury restaurant, you’ll have to practice eating spaghetti with just a fork. The key is patience and separating the strands as you’re eating them. Just digging into a big mound of pasta and trying to twirl away is going produce a mess if you aren’t careful, and it will also look sloppy. Try to move a few strands to the edge away from the rest and twirl those. If the pasta is part of a meal, you can twirl the spaghetti and then cap the fork with a small cut of whatever meat or seafood is included in your meal!

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