We take pride in the pizza that comes out of our brick oven and we love sharing it with everyone that walks through the doors of our Red Bank pizza place. We know how important leftovers are in the world of pizza fanatics, which is why we decided to share some “hacks” or tricks that you can use to make the most of your pizza once you leave our restaurant.

Pizza delivery in Red Bank

Keeping the Toppings in Place

Pizza boxes are made flat, but unfortunately, car seats are not. They’re made for the shape of humans, which can lead to pizza with cheese toppings all shifted to one side. Here’s what you can do: find a bottle or a tiny block of wood that evens things out so your pizza can rest flat in the passenger seat—safe and secure. It sure beats trying to drive and hold the boxes in place at the same time.

Bonus tip: if you’ve got heated seats, you can use them to keep your pie warm on the drive home!

Use the Box

Sometimes a pizza party just happens. If you’ve run out of paper plates, or don’t want to use up all of your regular plates at once, you can use the box! They’re designed to hold pizza after all so all you have to do is cut the boxes into squares and you’ve saved yourself some dishwashing and paper plates.

Pizza in the microwave

Keep It Crispy

We have no problem with cold pizza the day after, but we understand that some people who order pizza from our Red Bank restaurant want to enjoy it warm the next day. The problem is that the microwave can make things soggy and a toaster oven can dry it up. However, you can place water in a ceramic cup in the microwave with your slice of pizza. The evaporating water keeps the pizza and toppings both fresh and tasty.

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