Value is important when it comes to dinner. You want to enjoy it, but you want to make sure you’re getting a good amount of food for your money. Some people decide not to order a large pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant in order to save money, but a simple math equation you learned in high school shows that you’re missing out if you go with a smaller pie—and we’re not just talking about cold pizza the next day!

Finally, Some Appetizing Math

Luckily, the traditional pizza pie is a circle, which makes it easy to measure because you can easily find the area of a circle, even if it has pepperoni on it. Remember when you thought that those math equations would never come in handy after you graduated? Well, there’s one that’s about to give you definitive evidence that it’s always better to opt for that bigger pie from our Shrewsbury pizza place.

The area of a circle is equal to pi times the radius squared, which is written out A=Pr2. That means that the radius (half of a circle from the center) of an eight-inch pizza is four inches. Crunch the numbers and you get an area of 50 inches. Now apply that same equation to a large pizza, which generally is about 16 inches in diameter, and you may be surprised to find that its area is more than twice the size of the eight-inch pizza.


The area of a large pizza is about 200 inches, which is four times greater than a small pizza. If you compare the prices of a small pizza vs. a large one, you’ll notice that the price difference isn’t even twice as much, let alone four times as much. So the value of a delicious large pizza from Mangia Brick Oven Pizza is quite high, and that’s a mathematical reason for always going big when it comes to pizza. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any hard evidence that proves whether or not you should go for that third slice, so you still have to just go with your gut.

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