Mangia Brick Oven Pizza

Picking a favorite pizza place in NJ can be like picking a favorite star in the sky—there are just too many to choose from. However, the brave folks at Best of New Jersey decided to try and make a list. While it’s always open to interpretation, they did a good job of combining classics like De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville and Santillo’s in Elizabeth with newcomers like Tony Baloney’s in Hoboken.

We’re proud to say that Mangia Brick Oven Pizza was also featured in this list of the 10 best pizzerias, and it’s a great honor to be in such exalted company. We trust our family recipes and quality ingredients, and we work hard to make sure our pies meet our exacting standards.

Find Great Pizza in NJ at Mangia

It all starts with the sauce when it comes to a good pizza. While you may notice that some of the pizza places on the list do things differently, they all take the sauce seriously. Our tomato sauce recipe has been passed down from generation to generation so you know that we don’t skimp on ingredients or quality in order to preserve the robust flavor. That doesn’t mean we always keep it traditional with our pizza either because we believe variety is the spice of life! We like to experiment and try new things and combine flavors.


That’s why you’ll find some different options on our menu as well. We like to think our Grandma-style pizza is some of the best in NJ as well. We make Sicilian pies as well for those fans of thick crust and extra sauce on their pizza. For those adventurous eaters, you can also count on us to deliver some unique pizza offerings like Chicken Alfredo, Eggplant Rollatini, BBQ Chicken, and Clam pies.

It’s an honor to be named one of the 10 best pizza places in New Jersey and you can expect us to only work harder to meet those lofty expectations. Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza if you want to give our pies a try. We deliver so give us a call today at (732) 578-9000 to place an order.