Pizza is no longer just a snack or a main course—it’s also a dessert. We make a delicious one at our Tinton Falls pizza place that includes Nutella and some fresh fruit that is definitely worth a try next time you stop by. However, there are ways that you can also make this delicious pie at home, and even make it healthy if you want.

Tinton Falls Pizzeria’s Healthy Fruit Pizza Idea

If you think the crust needs to be made of dough, then you need to think again. Watermelon can make a great substitute when creating a delicious fruit pizza for your next summer BBQ. Cut the watermelon in normal triangular slices like you would for any cookout, but keep it in the shape of a pizza. Then, you can add yogurt sauce and your choice of fresh fruit as toppings to create a refreshing, healthy fruit pizza that is sure to impress.

If you really want to shake things up, go ahead and add mint for a little spice to balance the sweetness!

Cookie Crust

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can order pizza for dessert from our Tinton Falls restaurant, or you can give it a try yourself. All you need is your favorite cookie dough, which can be rolled out and shaped like a pizza crust and then baked until golden brown. For your sauce layer, we recommend going with softened cream cheese spread evenly across the crust.

Then you can get creative with toppings, depending on what kind of flavor you are looking for. Think about your favorite fruit combinations and bring them to life with this pizza: kiwi and strawberry, apples and blueberries, or bananas and strawberries. If you want to take it a little further, you can mix in some shaved almonds and apple jelly to create a delicious dessert masterpiece!

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