leftover pizza

Eating leftover pizza is a pastime here in America. Some folks enjoy it just as much as when you order fresh pizza in Red Bank from our restaurant. However, if you’re tired of just microwaving or toasting your pizza the next day, we wanted to help you get creative with your leftover slices. It’s time to let your imagination run wild and take your cold pizza to the next level by making it into something new.

Waffle Iron

Not just breakfast anymore—unless you’re having a pizza waffle for breakfast of course. This is a simple, funky way to eat your leftovers. All you have to do is cut off the crust, add some new toppings to the upper left-hand corner and then fold the bottom to the top and put it in the waffle iron. Cook for four to five minutes and you’ve got a pizza waffle ready for dipping.

Pizza Croutons

If you want a unique appetizer for a party, this is an interesting option. Chop the crust off your pizza and cut it into tiny, equal-sized squares. Once you’ve done that, put the pieces together like a mini sandwich and throw them on a Panini press to let them toast. If you don’t have a Panini press, then you can use a pan on medium heat using the spatula to press them down. It becomes a mini grilled cheese that you can put on salad, soup, or just eat as a snack!

pizza lasagna

Pizza Lasagna

This is almost something we’d want to put on the menu of our Red Bank pizza place. If you’ve got some time and want to get creative, get some tomato sauce and coat a 9×9 pan. Remove the crust from six slices of pizza and lay two of them face up on the tomato sauce. Add your traditional lasagna ingredients on top of the slices, including ricotta, mozzarella, some ground beef, and more tomato sauce. Repeat this step for a second layer and then finish it off with two more slices facing down and smothered with more sauce and some Parmesan cheese. Cook for 30 minutes covered and 10 minutes uncovered at 350˚ and prepare to watch your dinner guests’ jaws drop.

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