Pizza parties were always a blast when you were a kid. You got to have all your friends over, have some laughs, and chow down on some delicious foods. If you think those days are behind you—think again! There’s no reason you can’t bring that fun back and host a party for your friends. Our Shrewsbury pizza restaurant wanted to share how easy it is for you to throw a pizza party for grownups.

All About The Dough

It all starts with the dough. You have to know your friends and what they’re capable of (Especially after a few adult beverages), so pick a type of dough that works with everyone’s skill level. There are pre-made pizza crusts that make it easy for even a novice to create a delicious masterpiece. Then there’s pre-made pizza dough that still requires you to lay it out and shape it. If you’ve got some culinary experts on your hands, then you can opt for New York-style pizza dough that requires you to roll it out and toss to get it ready for the oven. Choose wisely because it’s all about having fun!



Here’s where the fun really starts. Usually when you order pizza in Shrewsbury, you only have a limited number of toppings to choose from. However, you can do it however you want at your own party. You can get creative with all kinds of toppings and sauces from marinara to ranch or buffalo sauce. This gives everyone a chance to express themselves through toppings. Have a couple different kinds of cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, feta, or any other one you like. The sky’s the limit, and the more toppings you offer, the more fun your friends will have.


If you really want to get into the spirit, you can add a theme to it, which could help set your topping offerings as well. You can have pizza-related games or a contest that encourages everyone to vote on their favorite pizza made that night. As long as there’s tasty pizza at the end of the night, then everyone will have a good time!

If you just want to do it the old fashion way, then contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza today to help get your menu together for your next party. You can give us a call at (732) 578-9000.