If you don’t feel like you have enough pizza in your daily life, or you are looking for more inspiration at work, we might have just the thing. Our Eatontown pizza restaurant has found some great decorations that can add a little slice of deliciousness to your desk or office with a few simple alterations. You can surround yourself with pizza without drawing all of your co-workers over with that intoxicating aroma.

Pizza Pencils and More

pizza signsWhat you have on your desk is an expression of who you are as a person. While getting pizza delivered from our Eatontown restaurant may be the best expression of what you like, it’s not something you can do every day. So why not check out some of the cool pencils, pens, and carrying cases that prominently convey a love of pizza? You can even find mouse pads shaped like a fresh pie just out of the oven. Just make sure no one walks over and tries to cut a slice of it for lunch!

Your Mug

The mug you put your coffee or tea in also speaks to who you are. If you’re a pizza fanatic, then you have no shortage of options for choosing a mug that correctly expresses your feelings towards that glorious circle of dough. There are ones that just look like pizza and others that use a catchy slogan like, “In pizza we crust.” Find the right one and watch all of your co-workers stare enviously.

Pizza Inspiration

If you’ve got walls to hang stuff from, then you need an inspirational pizza poster to keep you motivated and help remind you what is important—a slice! There are signs you can buy that range from inspiring to silly and everything in between.

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