Two of Italy’s most popular exports go pretty well together. Wine and pizza in Red Bank aren’t too hard to find, but sometimes it’s not always easy to pair them together. You may have a favorite slice or vino, but there are some great pairings out there that can bring a new level of flavor to both at the same time. That’s why we wanted to share some interesting pairings that you can try next time you’re craving a nice bottle and delicious pie.

pizza and wine

Primitivo & Pepperoni

A pepperoni pizza is a standard at most parties, but this is a good way to accentuate its taste in a new way. This is a big southern Italian red that is bursting with flavor so it can match the saltiness of pepperoni. It’s a juicy and full-bodied wine that can hold its own with most meat toppings.

Pinot Noir & Mushrooms

There’s something that’s hard to define about mushrooms on pizza. They can provide a nice earthy balance to the richness of tomato sauce and cheese. If you want to kick that flavor blend up a notch, then pinot noir is what you need match it with due to its spicy earthiness, which can be further enhanced with a nice sprinkling of oregano.

Mangia Brick Oven Pizza

Rosato & Vegetables

We’re not afraid to say that we make a pretty good vegetable pie. We recommend it the next time you want to order pizza in Red Bank. We also recommend that you pair it with a nice bottle of Rosato, because you need a lighter style of wine to go with this lighter pizza. Rosato means, “dry rose” and it will certainly match up nicely with our pie.

Barbera & Fresh Tomatoes

Our Grandma-style pizzas are quite popular like the Brooklyn Pie, which features a sweet plum tomato sauce on it. Barbera is a medium-bodied red from Italy’s Piedmont region. It’s berry-bright and has just the right amount of tannins to bring out the flavor of those sweet tomatoes.

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