pizza and beer

It’s no secret that pizza and beer has been a harmonious couple for as long as each of them has existed in America. While pizza in Tinton Falls has always enjoyed a certain level of quality and flavor, the same couldn’t always be said for beer. But with the craft beer boom, there are so many options and flavor profiles that can be better paired with the different types of pizzas out there. Many can be found from the growing list of breweries along the Jersey Shore!

Margherita & Pale Ale

A good pale ale is all about balance—it’s not overly sweet with dark malts and it doesn’t batter your taste buds with hop bitterness. This makes it a great partner for Margherita pizza, which has light simple flavors because it accentuates the mozzarella and tomatoes. The idea with a pairing is to bring out the flavors and a good pale ale will do just that in this situation. Try your next one with a Boat Beer from Carton Brewing up in Atlantic Highlands.

Pepperoni & IPA

1_0006_unnamed-7-1This is a combo for those that like bold, in-your-face flavors when they order pizza in Tinton Falls. IPAs are known for their hop bitterness, which can be either bitter or feature tropical notes. This bitterness will provide excellent balance to the saltiness of pepperoni or any other meat topping. Consider going with an Overhead IPA from Kane Brewing for this pairing.

Hawaiian & Fruit Ale

Exotic and tropical, a Hawaiian pizza features ham and pineapple as toppings. It makes sense to pair this with one of the many interesting fruit ales out there. A fruit beer like the Blue Bishop blueberry IPA or Side Piece Gose from Dark City Brewing in Asbury Park will enhance the sweetness of pineapple and acidity of the tomatoes, while contrasting nicely with the saltiness of the ham.

Mushroom Spinach & Stout

If you haven’t tried this style of pizza, then make sure when you do that you pair it with a rich, sweet stout like the one you’ll find right in Tinton Falls at Jughandle Brewing Co. The sweetness of a chocolate stout complements the flavor profile of the earthy flavors inherent in mushrooms and spinach. This one is truly a treat when paired together.

We can’t supply you with the beer, but luckily there are plenty of great local breweries to help you with that! Contact us if you’d like to order pizza by calling (732) 578-9000.