As timeless and classic as pizza seems, it is always changing wherever it goes. While our Eatontown pizza place takes pride in our offerings that include popular local favorites like Sicilian and Grandma-style, there are many different variations across the country that you may not be familiar with, but are worth trying. We covered a few of them a few weeks ago, but here are some distinct regional pizza styles worth checking out if you’re in the area!


Italian Bakery Pizza

While many of the Italian bakeries around here are known for their delightful desserts, many shops between Philly and NYC still make these basic pies. It’s usually thick, fluffy crust topped with a thick layer of sweet sauce and served at room temperature. Follow that with a light sprinkling of Romano or Parmesan, and it’s ready to hit the road with you.

St. Louis Style

You can’t order pizza in the Eatontown area that showcases this style as it has more in common with Midwestern style pies, but it sounds delicious. It’s quite unique in that its base is thin, cracker-like unleavened dough, which is topped with a three-cheese blend called Provel: provolone, Swiss, and white cheddar. It also features a thin, sweet tomato sauce that coats the cracker-like crust.


California Style

The west coast definitely does things differently when it comes to pizza, but you’re seeing its influence on the classic style strongholds of the east coast. In this style, the dough takes a backseat to eccentric toppings that can range from goat cheese and avocado to eggs-over-easy. The focus is on fresh vegetables and interesting pairings instead of just dough, cheese, and sauce.

Stuffed Pizza

While deep dish gets all the attention in the Windy City, they actually are known for a few different styles of pizza. One intriguing version is the stuffed pizza, which has more in common with an actual pie. This pizza has a layer of crust, followed by ingredients, which are then covered with another layer of crust and sauce. It’s tall like deep dish, but with a much different, albeit delicious result.

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