We’ve definitely covered the history of the pizza here at our Eatontown restaurant, but there’s another popular dish that got its start in Naples that is a close relative to the pizza pie—the calzone.


This is a dish that doesn’t have the national appeal across the country that its cousin pizza does, but there’s a lot to love about that crescent shaped pocket of dough. Here at Mangia Brick Oven Pizza we make it in the traditional style of ricotta and mozzarella with some tomato sauce on the side. But we also let you get creative if you want to add a few toppings into yours. Let’s take a look at what a calzone is and how it got its start.

Back In Italy

Like pizza, this popular dish got its start in Naples. In essence, it is a pizza that’s folded in half and then baked. The term calzone roughly translates to “Stocking” or “trouser,” and that seems appropriate given its ability to hold toppings and cheese. There are differences though and it starts with salted bread dough, which is different than pizza dough. In Italy, it’s common for street vendors to sell sandwich-sized versions at lunch counters because they’re easy to eat standing up. That’s because everything is sealed inside the crescent-shaped pocket. They’re typically filled with salami or ham and then cheeses that can include ricotta, mozzarella, or pecorino. It can also be fried as well.


In the USA

Not much has changed in the calzone with its trip from Italy to the United States and our Eatontown pizza place. The dough consists of flour, yeast, olive oil, water, and salt. The same cheeses apply here as well, but some restaurants get a little more creative with what goes inside with different vegetables and meats. The exterior is often coated in an egg mixture to make sure it’s sealed when it is baked or fried.

That’s the story of calzones from Italy to America. As you can see, while it is a relative to the pizza, it has many unique characteristics that make it a great meal. Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza online if you’d like to order a fresh calzone. You can also place an order by giving us a call at (732) 578-9000.