They say that too much of a good thing can be bad, and if that is true for pizza, then our Eatontown restaurant hasn’t found the limit. If you’re like us, and love finding new ways to incorporate it into your daily schedule, then you’ll want to read on because we’ve found some ways to have pizza for every meal. From breakfast to dinner (or even dessert), here is your guide to eating pizza all day.



It’s the most important meal of the day so it’s only right that it have the most important food as well. Just like burritos have found a home at the breakfast table, pizza is also a natural fit. There’s no shortage of ways to add eggs, vegetables, and cheese to some dough, so feel free to get creative. Spinach, mushroom, and onions happen to go very well on pizza and omlettes, so that’s a natural place to start, but what about trading in bagels for pizza dough when you want some smoked salmon for breakfast? Little mini lox pizzas will certainly be a big hit at breakfast or brunch.


It’s easy to say that you can order a pizza from our Eatontown pizzeria for lunch, and that’s definitely a great option. We have a wide variety of classic pies and more unique offerings, including Grandma-style pizza that never disappoints, but you also want to make sure your lunch isn’t too heavy. Eating too much at lunch can make it tough to get work done in the afternoon. That’s why a flatbread pizza with fresh veggies is a good idea for a delicious lunch that won’t weigh you down.



This is where you can get creative if you want to. Grill up some chicken, pork, or beef however you like it and add it to a pizza. You can really change things up by using ingredients like goat cheese, balsamic dressing, or something like barbecue sauce. Think of your favorite dinners and bring it to life as toppings on a pizza! For dessert, you can’t go wrong with our Nutella pizza.

There you go. That’s pizza for every meal. Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza online if you’re ready to get fresh pizza delivered. You can also place an order today by calling (732) 578-9000.