There’s no secret that we love pizza at our NJ pizzeria, and that’s why we love to share it with the world. Baking a fresh, hot pie and delivering it to our customers is always a great joy. Especially with all the different options that we have for our customers from a plain pie to specialty options and Grandma-style pies for those looking for something different.

We take this all very seriously and if you’re like us, you want to show off your love for that delightful circle of dough, cheese, and sauce. Luckily, there’s been an influx in the variety of clothing and accessories for pizza lovers from t-shirts to brooches.


i-love-pizzaThere are some great options if you want to showcase your love for pizza right across your chest. You can get a shirt that just has slices used in a pattern to decorate your button down shirt, there are ones that feature it as a chest icon on a polo shirt, and there are more humorous t-shirt options as well. Those can include shirts with catchphrases like “In Pizza We Trust,” “Give Pizza A Chance,” or “Take a Pizza My Heart.” There’s a shirt for every pizza taste out there.


Maybe you’d like something that falls on the subtle side. Well, don’t worry because there are some great accessories out there for you! A slice can be given the sparkly treatment, whether it comes in the form of a ring, a necklace, earrings, or even a snazzy brooch.


If you’re looking for a mix of fashion and function, then you can opt for a tote bag or clutch that shows off your love for pizza. There are plenty of people in NJ who love pizza and this is a great way to use your own talents to make your own bag with some pizza print fabric or patches that show what you can do and what you like to eat. There are clutches that are made in the shape of a slice of pepperoni pizza if you want something for a night out on the town.

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