We know that beer and pizza is quite the American pairing, which is why we did a post on it a while back. However, with so many unique pies out there and a world of cocktails to boot, there are plenty of combinations that can take your favorite pizza or mixed drink to a new level of appreciation. Here are just a few of our favorites at Mangia Brick Oven Pizza.

pizza and cocktails

Plain Pie & Manhattan

Most pizzerias in the Garden State our judged on their plain cheese pizza, which is why it deserves an equally iconic beverage pairing. The bittersweet flavor of whiskey and vermouth match the acidic tomato sauce and salty cheese wonderfully, which leads to a perfect pairing.

Pepperoni & Cuba Libre

Pepperoni pizza and a Coca-Cola was a winning combo during childhood pizza parties, so there’s no reason to go too far off that path as adults. The sweetness of rum and coke will play nicely with the saltiness of the pepperoni. The limejuice and carbonation will handle the greasiness as well.

Margherita & Negroni

This is often considered the Italian pizza that started it all, so it should be paired with a classic Italian drink. Both feature simple, yet iconic three-ingredient pairings. The fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomato go majestically with the herbaceous Negroni on a warm night.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza & Bloody Mary

We make a pretty mean buffalo chicken pizza at our Tinton Falls restaurant. So if you make a solid Bloody Mary that can match its sweet heat, then it’s a must-try. In a total reversal, it’s the spicy tomato sauce IN the drink that pairs well with the flavors of the pizza!

Sausage and Peppers & a Daiquiri

This is another popular pizza, which delivers tons of flavor from the spicy sausage and sweet bell peppers. That’s where a tart and fruity cocktail like a Daiquiri comes in. It will take those bold topping flavors and bring out the best in each.

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