It’s hard not to enjoy a nice pizza. It’s a versatile dish that offers up so many possibilities, even when it’s not in the familiar circle shape. Our Eatontown pizza place wanted to show you a few of the ways that this popular New Jersey item has influenced quite a few appetizers— some you may recognize, and some you may want to try for the first time.

Boli Knots

Boli-knotsThis is one you can find here at Mangia, and it’s definitely a popular choice among our regular customers. Imagine a classic Stromboli that is all twisted up and baked with ham, capicola, and mozzarella cheese. Add in some secret spices, garlic, and olive oil (with a side of dipping sauce of course), and you’ve got yourself a unique app that’s ready to please.

Rice Ball Special

This one is an interesting option that takes rice as the main focus, and adds some popular pizza ingredients to make a scrumptious dish. The rice is balled up with mozzarella and mixed in. Then it’s fried with a crispy brown shell to help it all stay together. Smother it in our delicious sauce and your friends will be raving about this popular item.

Pizza Potato Skins

While you can’t get this pizza-inspired appetizer at our Eatontown restaurant, it is one that you can easily do on your own. You can liven up your potato skins by switching things up with some pizza cheeses, sauce, and pepperoni for a new twist on a popular party favorite!

Pizza Quesadilla

The old country goes south of the border on this one. If you love quesadillas and pizza, then why not combine them to make the ultimate party snack for your March Madness party? Take your favorite pizza toppings and put them between two tortillas and press them together to make some magic happen. This is a pizza-inspired appetizer that will become a regular part of your party menu for years to come.

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