Since 1984, October has been the official month to celebrate pizza. It’s more than just a slice of Americana—this food has taken hold in the U.S.A. unlike any other. It has disciples that have gone as far as getting slices of pizza tattooed on them to show their love for this dish.

We’ve talked about many of the interesting facts and historical notes that relate to this food, so let’s kick off National Pizza Month at our Italian restaurant in Shrewsbury by showing you some of the pizza we make here that you can order whenever you get a craving.


Brick Oven Pizza

While we serve a wide assortment of Italian food, pizza has always been our passion. We take pride in everything from our dough and sauce to the toppings we put on it. We make a little bit of everything so that we make sure that anyone can order pizza at our Shrewsbury restaurant, no matter what their tastes are. We even offer a gluten-free pizza if you’re trying to cut that out of your diet!

Pizza doesn’t come in just one shape either. We do Sicilian pies as well for those that prefer a bigger, breadier slice. You’ll get plenty of sauce on your slice and can even enjoy toppings on your Sicilian pie if you ask for them.


Specialty Pizza

National Pizza Month is also a time to branch out and try some new things. There have been many new pizza topping combinations created over the past decade or so and that’s kept things interesting. We have quite a few options when it comes to gourmet-style pies, which include Chicken Alfredo with Spinach, BBQ Chicken, Penne Vodka, Bruschetta, Chicken, Bacon, & Ranch, and our famous Clam Pie. There are also our Grandma-style pies if you want something a little different. They’re thin, crispy square slices that are bursting with flavor thanks to the plum tomato sauce and fresh toppings.

Contact Mangia Brick Oven Pizza online today if you’d like to celebrate National Pizza Month by ordering a fresh pie. You can always give us a call at (732) 578-9000 to place an order as well.