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  • White pizza

Different Cheeses For Pizza at Our Tinton Falls Restaurant

The perfect pizza can be pretty simple if you do it right—dough, sauce, and most importantly, cheese! While Mozzarella is the undisputed cheese king of pizza at our Tinton Falls restaurant, and many around the country for that matter, it...
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  • watermelon and fruit pizza

How To Make Fruit Pizza Healthy & Fun

Pizza is no longer just a snack or a main course—it’s also a dessert. We make a delicious one at our Tinton Falls pizza place that includes Nutella and some fresh fruit that is definitely worth a try next time you stop...
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  • Brownie Pizza

Tinton Falls Restaurant Explains How To Make Your Own Dessert Pizza

The only thing that our Tinton Falls restaurant thinks is better than having pizza for dinner is having pizza for dessert too! We actually make a Nutella Pie here at Mangia that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth after...
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  • pizza2

Tinton Falls Pizzeria Explains Pizza Variations Across the Country

Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes here in America and that has a lot to do with what was available when it made its way to certain areas of the country. The famous Chicago-style deep dish was created due...
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Great Pizza & Beer Pairings For The Tinton Falls Area

It’s no secret that pizza and beer has been a harmonious couple for as long as each of them has existed in America. While pizza in Tinton Falls has always enjoyed a certain level of quality and flavor, the same...
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Creative Pizza Pies at Our Tinton Falls Restaurant

There’s always a place for a traditional pizza pie. A good Italian restaurant can make a living if they can make something out of just sauce, dough, and cheese. Here at Mangia, we also like to get a little creative...
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The Best Pizza Related Gifts for the Holidays

It seems like more people are expressing their love for that little slice of heaven known as pizza these days in a variety of ways. Our Tinton Falls pizza shop couldn’t be more excited about that because we also have...
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