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The Mathematical Reason You Should Order a Large Pizza in Shrewsbury

Value is important when it comes to dinner. You want to enjoy it, but you want to make sure you’re getting a good amount of food for your money. Some people decide not to order a large pizza from our...
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Shrewsbury Restaurant Shows You How to Host A Pizza Party For Grownups

Pizza parties were always a blast when you were a kid. You got to have all your friends over, have some laughs, and chow down on some delicious foods. If you think those days are behind you—think again! There’s no...
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You Can Order Dessert Pizza In Shrewsbury

If you are like us, you’re almost always thinking about pizza. We’re always trying to figure out new ways to incorporate that glorious circle of dough into our daily lives. Some brave culinary daredevils decided that there was no reason...
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The New Place For Specialty Pizza in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a lovely town nestled in northern Monmouth County. It’s a quaint little town with a reputation for having refined taste buds, which is why we thought Shrewsbury would be a great place for our new Italian restaurant, Mangia...
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