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What Makes a Sicilian Pizza Different

In America, the term pizza is all encompassing to an extent—a triangular slice with cheese, sauce, toppings, and an outer crust. However, as you dig into local customs you realize that there are quite a few variations of this, and...
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Celebrate National Pizza Month at Our Shrewsbury Restaurant

Since 1984, October has been the official month to celebrate pizza. It’s more than just a slice of Americana—this food has taken hold in the U.S.A. unlike any other. It has disciples that have gone as far as getting slices...
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Shrewsbury Restaurant Shares Fun Halloween Pizza Ideas for Your Halloween Party

If you live for this time of year when it’s all about tricks or treats, and getting dressed up for a night of fun, then we want to help you make your Halloween party scary good. While chocolate and candy...
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Pizza-Flavored Snacks That You Can Try in Shrewsbury

While nothing can ever replace a freshly made pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant, there are some snacks out there that can be called “pizza flavored.” These snacks can be handy when you’re running short on time, but can they actually...
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Breakfast Pizza Ideas From Shrewsbury Restaurant

If you haven’t enjoyed the magnificent feast that is cold pizza for breakfast, then you’re missing out. However, we understand that some people prefer their first meal of the day to be hot, and we know it can be difficult...
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Shrewsbury Restaurant Offers Kids Pizza Party Tips

If you are trying to figure out a unique way to celebrate your kid’s big day, you may want to try a pizza party. While you can just order pizza from our Shrewsbury restaurant, you could also do something a little different—you...
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Shrewsbury Pizza Place Shares Unique Topping Ideas

There are those purists who believe you don’t need to mess with perfection when it comes to pizza—dough, mozzarella, and sauce. Maybe add in pepperoni, sausage, or peppers and that’s it. While we appreciate the classic toppings, our Shrewsbury pizza...
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The Mathematical Reason You Should Order a Large Pizza in Shrewsbury

Value is important when it comes to dinner. You want to enjoy it, but you want to make sure you’re getting a good amount of food for your money. Some people decide not to order a large pizza from our...
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Shrewsbury Restaurant Shows You How to Host A Pizza Party For Grownups

Pizza parties were always a blast when you were a kid. You got to have all your friends over, have some laughs, and chow down on some delicious foods. If you think those days are behind you—think again! There’s no...
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You Can Order Dessert Pizza In Shrewsbury

If you are like us, you’re almost always thinking about pizza. We’re always trying to figure out new ways to incorporate that glorious circle of dough into our daily lives. Some brave culinary daredevils decided that there was no reason...
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