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Eatontown Pizza Place Serves Up the History of the Calzone

We’ve definitely covered the history of the pizza here at our Eatontown restaurant, but there’s another popular dish that got its start in Naples that is a close relative to the pizza pie—the calzone. This is a dish that doesn’t...
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You Can Eat Pizza For Every Meal

They say that too much of a good thing can be bad, and if that is true for pizza, then our Eatontown restaurant hasn’t found the limit. If you’re like us, and love finding new ways to incorporate it into...
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Great Ways to Decorate Your Desk With Pizza

If you don’t feel like you have enough pizza in your daily life, or you are looking for more inspiration at work, we might have just the thing. Our Eatontown pizza restaurant has found some great decorations that can add...
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Tips on Including Pizza on Your Big Day From Eatontown Restaurant

If you’re a pizza-lover and are having trouble finding a way to make the Big Day unique, we’ve got some great ideas. Your wedding is supposed to be about you and the person—and things—that you love. If pizza is one...
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Eatontown Pizzeria Explains Regional Pizza Styles

As timeless and classic as pizza seems, it is always changing wherever it goes. While our Eatontown pizza place takes pride in our offerings that include popular local favorites like Sicilian and Grandma-style, there are many different variations across the...
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Check These Pizza-Inspired Appetizers in Eatontown

It’s hard not to enjoy a nice pizza. It’s a versatile dish that offers up so many possibilities, even when it’s not in the familiar circle shape. Our Eatontown pizza place wanted to show you a few of the ways...
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Pizza Lovers in Eatontown

Valentine’s Day is only about two weeks away and if you are still searching for a unique and thoughtful gift, we may have a few ideas for you. Our Eatontown pizza shop knows that not everybody is interested in just...
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Now You Can Order Fresh Pizza Online in Eatontown

We’re always more than happy to talk to our customers when they’re looking to call in and order some delicious Italian food from our extensive menu. With a menu that has so many delicious options, you may want to ask...
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New Year’s Eve Alternatives From Eatontown Pizza Place

It’s just about time to say farewell to 2016. It’s been a good year for the Mangia Brick Oven Pizza family, as we opened our Eatontown Pizza restaurant so that we could share our delicious Italian food with more people in...
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