• Jackson

Catering a Private Event at Our Italian Restaurant in Jackson

If you are looking for a place to host a special occasion like a reunion, rehearsal dinner, or graduation dinner, then you don’t have to look further than the catering specialists at our Italian restaurant in Jackson. Here at Mangia...
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  • Pizza in the microwave

Pizza Hacks From Red Bank Pizzeria

We take pride in the pizza that comes out of our brick oven and we love sharing it with everyone that walks through the doors of our Red Bank pizza place. We know how important leftovers are in the world...
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  • pizza at the beach

Summer Date Night Ideas

Summer is upon us and love is in the air. With the weather finally warming up a little bit, it’s got us thinking about great ideas for a summer date night. Good dates usually go with good food like the...
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  • pizza-bakery

Eatontown Pizzeria Explains Regional Pizza Styles

As timeless and classic as pizza seems, it is always changing wherever it goes. While our Eatontown pizza place takes pride in our offerings that include popular local favorites like Sicilian and Grandma-style, there are many different variations across the...
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  • Brownie Pizza

Tinton Falls Restaurant Explains How To Make Your Own Dessert Pizza

The only thing that our Tinton Falls restaurant thinks is better than having pizza for dinner is having pizza for dessert too! We actually make a Nutella Pie here at Mangia that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth after...
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  • Mangia dining room

Shrewsbury Catering Restaurant Shares What Makes Italian Dishes Unique

While we would never come out and share the secrets of our recipes, it is no secret that there is something that makes Italian dishes so enticing. The recipes often seem so simple when you think of pizza and pasta,...
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  • graduation photos

Are You Looking For Graduation Party Catering in Eatontown?

It’s that time of year—those kids are getting ready to toss their caps in the air and that means you putting together a party for friends and family to celebrate. Whether you are setting up for a high school or...
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Mangia Makes List of 10 Best Pizza Places in NJ

Picking a favorite pizza place in NJ can be like picking a favorite star in the sky—there are just too many to choose from. However, the brave folks at Best of New Jersey decided to try and make a list....
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  • cheesy breadsticks

Creative Pizza Dough Ideas From Your Red Bank Pizzeria

While your mother may have told you never to play with your food, we think that’s the best way to come up with something new and delicious at our Red Bank pizza restaurant. That’s why we compiled this list of...
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  • make-pizza-at-home

Tools Need To Make Pizza at Home In Oceanport

Mangia Brick Oven Pizza is always there when you want to order pizza in Oceanport for dinner or lunch, but we also know that many folks like to try their hand at concocting their own creations. We encourage a little...
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