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  • pasta with spoon

Proper Spaghetti Technique From Shrewsbury Italian Food Experts

You were always told to not play with your food as a kid, but when it comes to spaghetti, it’s hard not to simply because it can be hard to get a handle on. Pasta like angel hair and Fettuccini...
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  • reheating pizza in the microwave

Myths Debunked For NJ Pizza Lovers

The pizza pie has taken on its own mythology at this point in America, which is impressive considering it wasn’t much more than a regional, ethnic dish until about 70 years ago. It has its own origin stories in Italy,...
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Which Italian Dishes Are Made With Wine

While pairing Italian food with the perfect wine is an art in and of itself, there are those chefs who decided it would be a great idea to bring them together in the pan. This created some of the most...
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Try Our New Guilt-Free Fitness Menu for Take Out Food in Shrewsbury

It’s no secret that Italian food isn’t kind to those people who are on diets. All those carbs and rich sauces can make it tough if you’re counting calories. We love the classic dishes that we prepare, but we also...
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Breakfast Pizza Ideas From Shrewsbury Restaurant

If you haven’t enjoyed the magnificent feast that is cold pizza for breakfast, then you’re missing out. However, we understand that some people prefer their first meal of the day to be hot, and we know it can be difficult...
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